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About Us


The Aranmore family, enriched by its Catholic tradition and cultural diversity, nurtures in each child: a love of life, a passion for learning, and the skills to make a difference.

This vision guides our commitment to developing children who are prepared to learn today and lead tomorrow. We are committed to five core aspects:

Our Catholic Tradition: Upholding the traditions of Catherine McAuley and Edmund Rice to educate children in a faith-filled environment.

Our Cultural Diversity: Welcoming and celebrating the diverse backgrounds of our community, promoting understanding and empathy.

Our Children: Ensuring the dignity of each child is respected and their individual gifts valued, fostering a passion for life and learning.

Our Community: Creating a friendly and inclusive environment that values the role of families and the wider community in our educational mission.

Our Curriculum: Delivering excellence in both Religious Education and the Western Australian Curriculum, embracing innovative teaching methods.


At Aranmore Catholic Primary School, our Mercy Values are integral to school life, shaping students through classroom learning and daily routines.

Merciful – having, feeling or showing compassion for others and behaving in a forgiving way.
Excellent – being consistent in good character, attitude, quality and standards. Trying to be the best you can be.
Respectful – valuing the feelings, ideas, rights and opinions of others and responding appropriately.
Caring – looking after and being concerned about something or someone.
You – actively and personally living out the Mercy values every day, just as Jesus did.


Upon enrolment, students are assigned to one of four factions—Arranmore, McAuley, Mercy, and Moloney—which promote camaraderie and spirit. These factions celebrate the school’s heritage and its founders, fostering a sense of community and participation among students.

The name of the island off the coast of County Donegal, Ireland, after which our school is named. The second ‘r’ was dropped from the school name.
The Foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, Catherine McAuley.
The Religious Order who founded our school, the Sisters of Mercy.
The first parish priest of St Mary’s Parish in Leederville, Father Moloney

School Prayer

Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
May we in our school years

Take time to read,
Take time to think,
It is the road to wisdom.

Take time to laugh,
Take time to love,
It is the way to be alive.

Take time to give,
Take time to pray,
It is the road to God.


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