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Our Story


A vast network of Mercy schools was established in Perth and Australia by the Sisters of Mercy, including St Mary’s (Aranmore).


The first Parish Priest of Leederville, Reverend Monsignor John Moloney, instigated the building of St Mary’s Church in Franklin Street, Leederville. St Mary’s Convent was built opposite the church.


The Christian Brothers opened a boy’s school, CBC Leederville, next door.


The girl’s school was renamed St Mary’s College for Girls. St Mary’s College for Girls was completed. St Mary’s Primary and CBC Leederville Primary both had their origins on the St Mary’s/CBC Leederville High School sites.


St Mary’s opened a separate primary school (Pre-Primary to Year 7) in Brentham Street, Leederville.


The boys’ campus (Years 5-7) moved from Franklin Street to Jugan Street, Glendalough.


The two primary schools amalgamated and became Aranmore Catholic Primary School, taking its name from the island of Arranmore off the coast of Ireland.


The Jugan Street Campus moved to what was formerly the St Mary’s Primary School site with co-educational classes throughout the whole school from Pre-Primary to Year 7.


The first enrolments for Kindergarten were accepted and consequently housed in the old Pre-Primary premises on Brentham Street.


Since its beginnings, the school had been under the principalship of the Mercy order of religious and 1999 saw the retirement of its religious head allowing for the first lay principal to carry on the Mercy tradition.


Aranmore became a K-6 school, with Year 7 students moving to high school.


Aranmore became a PK-6 school with the introduction of a Three Year Old Program (Pre-Kindy).