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Early Childhood


Pre-Kindy is an educational program for children aged three years. The program is play-based and provides children with meaningful experiences that promote the development of spiritual, social, emotional, language, intellectual, creative and physical skills. The Pre-Kindy program operates on Mondays. Please refer to the Pre-Kindy Handbook for further information.

Pre-Kindy Handbook


The Kindergarten program is available for children who turn four years of age prior to 1st July in the year they are due to commence. Kindergarten operates from Tuesday to Thursday. The teachers create rich learning environments that are connected to children’s needs, talents and interests. The program is designed around the concept of play-based education, the principle learning strategy for children of this age. Please refer to the Kindergarten Handbook for further information.

Kindergarten Handbook


Aranmore Catholic Primary School provides a learning program to facilitate development of the whole child. We deliver an age-appropriate program that incorporates purposeful play, exploration and explicit instruction. Activities in Pre-Primary are child-centred and promote social interaction and self-development. Pre-Primary children attend full time schooling from the commencement of the year. Please refer to the Pre-Primary Handbook for further information.

Pre-Primary Handbook