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Religious Education


Aranmore Catholic Primary School supports parents in the faith formation of their children by providing a range of rich experiences to develop faith and religious knowledge. Religious Education is central to the curriculum and life of the school.  It is taught in context with the same systemic demands and rigour as all other areas of the curriculum. Guided units of work, mandated by the Bishops of Western Australia, are sequenced to help children relate to the Catholic faith within their daily lives.

Together the focus on developing students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in Religious Education is developed through teaching and learning in the following interrelated areas:

Discovering God through human experiences of others and of creation.

Understanding the content of the Christian message.

Knowledge of the person of Jesus, the model for living out the Christian mission in the world.

Understanding that Catholics are empowered to live like Jesus the Saviour as they draw on the power of God’s Spirit and of the Kingdom.

Demonstration of the knowledge and skills necessary in order to read and apply Scripture to life and to participate in Catholic ritual and prayer.

Liturgies and Masses

The Religious Education Program is complemented by prayer time, participation in class and whole school Masses or Liturgies of the Word. Each class is responsible for coordinating a whole school Mass and one class Liturgy/Mass throughout the year. Where possible, these are led by the Parish Priest. Parents, family members and the school community are most welcome at these events.

Sacramental Program

The school works closely with St Mary’s Parish in preparing for and celebrating the sacraments. Baptised Catholic students are able to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation in Year Three, First Holy Communion in Year Four and Confirmation in Year Six. While the school has a responsibility in preparing students to receive the sacraments, this is done as part of a parish based sacramental program. Integral to this program are the interactive workshops and retreats for sacramental candidates and their parents.