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Be a MERCY Kid

Our Mercy Values underpin all facets of school life. The students explore these as part of their classroom learning and daily routines. The Mercy Kid initiative is a vital part of the behaviours and common language in our school.


Having, feeling or showing compassion for others and behaving in a forgiving way.


Being consistent in good character, attitude, quality and standards. Trying to be the best you can be.


Valuing the feelings, ideas, rights and opinions of others and responding appropriately.


Looking after and being concerned about something or someone.


Actively and personally living out the Mercy Values every day, just as Jesus did.

“Be A Mercy Kid” was introduced in 2021 to engage students in a collaborative approach to further develop a safe and supportive learning environment. This whole school initiative is reflected upon regularly to ensure students feel connected to the community and understand the clear expectations of their behaviour.