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Berry Street Education Model

The Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) equips schools with practical, classroom-based strategies to increase the engagement of all students, including those with complex, unmet learning needs. Aranmore Catholic Primary School has implemented this program to support students’ self-regulation, relationships and wellbeing to increase student engagement and improve academic achievement. Our aim is to provide learning experiences and practice routines where every student is ready to learn and able to thrive.

At the core of the BSEM are five key principles that guide educators in creating effective learning environments. The first principle is Body, which emphasises the importance of physical well-being and its impact on learning. Teachers are equipped with strategies to help students regulate their emotions and behaviours through activities that promote physical relaxation and readiness to learn. The second principle, Relationships, focuses on the power of positive connections between educators and students. By fostering a supportive and understanding classroom atmosphere, teachers can build trust and encourage resilience.

The remaining principles encompass Stamina, for building students’ academic perseverance; Engagement, which introduces techniques to capture and maintain students’ interest in learning; and Character, aimed at nurturing positive personal qualities and social-emotional skills. These principles work synergistically to address the multifaceted needs of students, ensuring that they have the support and tools necessary to thrive both in school and beyond. Through the BSEM, educators are not just imparting knowledge but also transforming the educational experiences of their students, providing them with a foundation for long-term success.