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Student Leadership

Student leadership is an integral part of the Year Six learning program. The councils provide an opportunity to develop the responsibility and leadership skills of the students. The councils assist in a variety of ways throughout the school year – organising school liturgies, assisting at sports carnivals, running assemblies, supporting younger students and assisting in environmental projects.

All Year Six students are involved in leadership through participation in the five student councils:

  • Environmental Council
  • Pastoral Council
  • Public Events Council
  • Safety Council
  • Sport Council

The Year Six students use a model based in Positive Education to nominate their peers for a council based on the character strengths they identify in one another. The process is facilitated by teachers. Each student is involved in a council for Semester One and then rotate to a different council in Semester Two.

Aranmore Catholic Primary School has launched a peer mentorship model as part of the URStrong program. Our Year Six ‘Friendologists’ support their younger peers in friendships and social interactions during break times. The ‘Friendologists’ are easily spotted in the playgrounds wearing their green vests and are always ready to keep others company or assist them to join in with games. Research shows that peer mentoring has positive outcomes for everyone involved.